BTS Testimonial – Mae Watson

This place is amazing. I recommend all Purdue students take their broken tech here. Jo is professional and explains everything really well. My taskbar was frozen on my laptop and none of the quick google-searched fixes would work. I brought it to geek squad to see if they could tell me what wrong with it. They wanted me to pay 200$ for tech support alone + additional stuff like an SSD card and what not. AND it would have taken weeks to fix. I brought it to BTS after my classes. Jo said the hard drive was probably corrupted but he would look at it and call me back with what’s wrong and how much it would cost. Next day I get a call and he tells me it’s going to cost $180 to fix. I asked him how long it would take to fix, and he said I could pick it up TOMORROW afternoon. I got my computer fixed faster and for less than the best buy was quoting me. The hours are great, prices fair, and great customer service. Don’t go to best buy, don’t go to campus computers, come here. –Mae Watson