BTS Testimonial – Kevin Morgan

This is going to be a weird review because I didn’t actually buy anything or have anything serviced. My Google Pixel had been having battery problems and I finally decided to give battery replacement a shot. The gentlemen I worked with was friendly and knowledgeable. He was very clear about the cost involved and the time that would be needed. They were very flexible about the timing of my repair so that I can minimize the time I would be without a phone. When my parts came in I dropped off my phone and left it with them for an afternoon. When I came to pick it up, the repair work had not been done. When the technician attempted to disassemble my phone it did not cooperate and they had serious concerns that they would damage the case/bezel so they stopped and waited to discuss options with me. The technician didn’t pressure me to allow him to attempt the repair and in the end actually suggested that we not attempt to repair as I would probably be better off just getting a new phone since the repair wasn’t a solid option and my phone had quite a bit of age. From my perspective, the experience demonstrated the technician had good judgment and wasn’t just interested in making a sale. I wasn’t charged for anything and left feeling like I could definitely trust this business. If I have a need, I’ll definitely visit them again.

Kevin Morgan