Surveillance Camera

Video Surveillance: Superior Security for Your Home or Business

bts security camera Boiler Tech Solutions is proud to provide quality surveillance systems that keep your home or place of business safe.  The quality of the equipment installed is superior to that which can be purchased in a big box store and it will be installed by security system professionals followed up by system support.

For commercial applications, we install Gen IV systems that provide a higher grade of equipment and scalability.  This ensures that your business is protected with the best systems available at the lowest price possible without sacrificing quality.

The prominent display of surveillance video cameras has been shown to deter criminals from engaging in a theft at a location.

According to the Department of Commerce employee theft contributes to 30% of business failures.

What better way to deter theft then setting up a security camera system that allows you to monitor your location while you are away.  Employing Boiler Tech Solutions to install a commercial security system will add an extra sense of protection for business owners.

Boiler Tech Solutions security systems are scalable and expand to meet your specific needs, from a single camera to a multi-camera system covering every aspect of your property.

For a residential security system installation, our choice of equipment is Zmodo.

Mobile security surveillanceThe additional piece of mind is provided by the remote viewing capability of cameras installed by Boiler Tech Solutions; the live streaming video is made available on any laptop or mobile device connected to the Internet.

A live streaming video is made available on any laptop or mobile device connected to the Internet.

In addition to being able to watch from anywhere at any time, the system will be set up to be recorded to a DVR system capable of being monitored later. When a property infringement occurs, the video surveillance system may be set to text your mobile device or to call the police.

Boiler Tech Solution’s video surveillance systems provide a wonderful sense of security with the knowledge of what is happening at your home or place of business right to your very hand.

Please call us at 765-250-5937 to schedule an appointment where we will be able to provide the ideal solution for you!