BTS Testimonial from Jessica Ma

My friend spilled root beer over my laptop over a month ago. I got it checked at Best Buy and they said the sugar should crystallize and it’d be fine. Plus their services would cost over $100. Then I brought it to another smaller company and they could take it apart for free (and further repairs would cost 100$ / hr) and when they did they said the soda residue just stopped before damaging the motherboard. I didn’t want to fork over 100$ since I’m just a college student and they said it’d probably be fine. So I just took it home. It worked fine for weeks after that. The keyboard was just pretty sticky when pressing down the buttons, until a week ago when the spacebar had gotten unusable. I finally brought it into BTS and Joe was very approachable. He answered all my trivial questions and got to work right away. The total cost was 60$ which is much better than any of the previous stores I’ve talked to. After cleaning it, I got to pick it up the next day and everything was so much better. He was very knowledgable and reliable. He even said that when the last company took it apart, they lost a few screws for my motherboard and he replaced it free of charge! Should have come here sooner!

– Jessica Ma